We Need A New Way to (Really) Teach Systems Thinking

For the last four years I have been facilitating social entrepreneurship, social innovation, and design thinking workshops in many settings, from high school courses to trainings with the World Bank. And along the way, something has started to bug me about how we teach something often called “systems thinking.” The most common way to teach “system thinking” is to: […]

Peer interaction found to be a key to success in MITx Course

On my Open Master’s journey this year, I have been exploring the importance of relationships and community to self-directed, adult learners in self-organized communities outside of formal settings: such as P2PU, Citizen Circles, Knowledge Commons DC, HackCville, Black Mountain SOLE, Experience Institute, Enstitute, and, of course, the Open Master’s. Understanding how self-directed learners find and form relationships with peers […]

Charlotte, NC / Charlottesville, VA ?

Both Charlotte, North Carolina and Charlottesville, Virginia are important cities to me. But, even though these two cities seem world’s apart to me- both in character, and literally (they’re about five hours apart by car)- it can be tough to keep them straight, because both are the namesake of the apparently alluring Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, wife of […]

Alla Bozarth-Campbell ~ poem read aloud at a Seder in Berlin (think about that one for a second…)

Pack nothing. Bring only your determination to serve and your willingness to be free. Don’t wait for the bread to rise. Take nourishment for your journey but eat standing, be ready to move at a moment’s notice. Do not hesitate to leave your old ways behind: fear, silence, submission. Only surrender to the need of […]

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés – Women Who Run With the Wolves (from Open Master’s peer Laura Sheinkopf’s plan)

“… and if she cannot find the culture that encourages her, then she usually decides to construct it herself. And that is good, for if she builds it, others who have been looking for a long time will mysteriously arrive one day enthusiastically proclaiming that they have been looking for this all along.”

Alternatives to Adobe Creative Suite

So far, the single largest possible expense I have identified in my Open Master’s plan will be equipping myself with appropriate graphics-and-photo-editing software.  My main purposes for having this software are to be able to: Edit photos quickly and professionally, mostly for the web.  I have used photoshop and lightroom for years and am comfortable […]


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